Chad Power
Chad Power

What is the Chadenomics vs. VirginGimme game?

The game is an experiment with two tokens that have completely contrasting tokenomics. The experiment will take place on the Tron Blockchain.

(CHAD, Chadenomics) will have a philosophy which taxes a smaller amount, & favors the "upper class", the top wallets. It will tax a smaller amount to the rewards pool. It will then distribute rewards to the top 10 holders, & one entirely random wallet.

(VIRG, VirginGimme) will have an entirely contrasting philosophy which will tax more to the rewards pool, & redistribute taxes to a few random bottom wallets. It will also distribute a benefit deposit to holders when the price is down 10% or more in a 48 hour period. This will ONLY go to holders who have not had any outgoing transactions in the last 48 hours. This benefit deposit could essentially cancel out any losses from the price drop. This is an experiment, time will tell.

Taxed rewards will be distributed every 48 hrs. At this point, there will be a check to see which token has the higher liquidity. The token with the higher liquidity will "cuck" the others rewards pool & steal 10% which will then be distributed to the holders of the rival token.

Multisignature Technology will be used to ensure community trust with the rewards distributions.

The Basics
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CHAD will have a supply of 5000 tokens. There will never be any more. Rather than using a yield farming system with insane API that drives the price to zero, CHAD will have an earning system that distributes taxes to top holder's. One lucky wallet anywhere on the holders list will also receive rewards. CHAD taxes 0.5% per every transaction. When the price of CHAD is up 10% or more in a 48 hour period 1% of rewards will be burned.


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The Battle

The competition between these two tokens will revolve around liquidity. Whichever token has higher liquidity in the 48 hour period will "cuck" the others reward pool by taking 10% of it. For example, if CHAD has the higher liquidity it will take 10% of the rewards pool from VIRG, and distribute VIRG to its own holders. (If CHAD happens to be up 10% in that time frame, then this is when 1% of the VIRG pool can end up being burned.)

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VIRG supply is 20000 tokens. Rather than having a top-heavy system that rewards the top holders, VIRG will offer a bit more security. VIRG will tax 1% per tx. VIRG will distribute 50% of rewards when the price is down in a 48 hour period to all wallets that have not had any outgoing tx over that period. VIRG will also distribute the other 50% of rewards to 5 random wallets in the bottom 10 percent of holders. VIRG is slightly deflationary but can only be burned when it's reward pool is "cucked" by CHAD and becomes part of the CHAD rewards pool.


What is the VCR Rebase token??

Virgin Chad Rebase is another experimental token that was launched on the Tron blockchain. It started with a 100 supply with a price target of $100. This gave it an initial market cap of a slim $100.

It was initialy distributed 100% (excluding initial liquidity to be added on JustSwap)through CCTIP and was tipped to CCTIP users who for the mere price of retweeting with a hashtag about it.

VCR has a price target of $1. If the price is above $1, there will be a positive rebase which adds to the supply of VCR by distributing more VCR to the wallet of every VCR holder. If the price is below, the opposite will happen.

  • 20% +Rebase if $2 or higher
  • 17.5% +Rebase if $1.75 or hihger
  • 15% +Rebase if $1.50 or higher
  • 10% +Rebase if $1.30 or higher
  • 5% +Rebase if 1.10 or higher
  • NO Rebase if is between $0.91-$1.09 in USD
  • 2.5% -Rebase is $0.90 or lower in USD, there will be a -2.5% negative rebase.
  • 5% Rebase if is $0.80 or lower in USD, there will be a -5% negative rebase.
  • 7.5% Rebase if is $0.70 or lower in USD, there will be a -7.5% negative
  • rebase.
  • 10% Rebase if is $0.60 or lower in USD, there will be a -10% negative
  • rebase.
  • 12.5% -Rebase if is $0.50 or lower in USD, there will be a -12.5% negative rebase.

  • tokenomics

    • In total 5000 CHAD and 20000 VIRG will ever be printed. No inflationary brrr-machine here. Rather than a farming endlessly inflationary ecosystem, it will be a taxed system. With both actually being slightly deflationary. with potential for portions of rewards to be burned in certain situations.
    • 100% of tokens airdropped, and equally distributed amongst the community to start, with exception of the liquidity pool.
    • 1% of Chad will be burned from the rewards pool when the price is up 10% or more in the 48hr period. In this period, if Chad cucks 10% of VIRG reward pool by having more liquidity, AND the price of Chad is up 10% (which activates 1% of the rewards for Chad holders being burned) 1% of the VIRG will be burned as well.
    • THERE WAS NO PRESALE. There has been a small number of tokens that have been reserved for providing liquidity and future endeavors. Starting liquidity will be at a very low price and a small amount. This is an organic project, starting at a price of $0.000000. Supply, demand, and community will 100% determine the price.


    muh nft
    muh nft



    Lead Developer of Chadenomics. Wrote "Hello, World" in assembly at age 2. Taught his kindergarten teacher how to use uTorrent to download the entire Magic Schoolbus series for free. Punched Zuckerberg in the jaw once at Harvard. Didn't even go to Harvard. Taught Satoshi literally everything he knows. Cybernetic Arm for faster WPM. Crypto chicks love him, doesn't have the time. Once got a dm from CryptoFinally that said "Hey :p", left it on read. Hacks mega coporations out of boredom.

    El Chadiqo Presidente

    The CEO and President of Chadenomics. One of the highest IQ's in the history of IQ's, maybe ever. Golden hair unchanged since youth. Humiliates his opponents on the regular. Can control the entire CT narrative for weeks. Shocked the whole world when Chadenomics achieved a million-dollar market cap as an airdrop meme token, on Tron. Mocks people relentlessly for having a mental handicap that passed up the free airdrop.

    Virgin Crypto Failure

    Lead Dev for VIRG. Bordering middle-aged hasn't left grandmas basement. Bought a couple of Bitcoin in 2012, made some bank. Still no girlfriend. Lost 60% in 2017 bull market. Bought Bitcoin Private at $112, vehemently posted "HODL" on Twitter, ended up selling at $0.05 cents. Passed up Meme airdrop bc airdrops lame. Fomoed into Meme at $1800. Paid 10k for college to learn coding after his gargantuan crypto losses. Still mediocre at best.

    Virgin Crypto Investor

    Head of Marketing at VIRG inc. Once lost 40k investing in an ETH food token, asked for a refund. Constantly hunts down airdrops, has no more money to invest after getting burned. Follows Crypto Twitter influencers word as gospel, gets dumped on every time. Once made a twitter post saying Sushichef was Satoshi. Sends donations to shillers donation addresses. Pronounces Meme as MeeMee even though he knows the correct pronunciation, thinks it's cool. Was the "brains" behind the upcoming "MeeMee" token. Chads thought it was retarded.

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